3 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Please give Richard best wishes from a long-lost acquaintance, Rosalie Aldrich (West). I was going through our bookcase and rediscovered his book, “The Right to Say We,” and was flooded with memories of the late sixties/early seventies when we met through Jessie Bourneuf and Ralph Hoagland. Challenging times then, challenging now–and Richard, I’ve always admired your engagement in the issues and your efforts to make changes for the better.

    • Liberty, so good to hear from you, and heaps of good memories from both of us. Richard asked me to reply. He is very lucid today, I am pleased to say. I never know how he will be, though he is always very weak physically. Hope you are well. Fondly, Richard and Joan

  2. Thank you, Arloc. Keeping Richard and Joan in my heart every minute. Sending love to you as well.


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