Not the Best Week, But Who Knows Why

I promised to keep our friends up to date with how I am.

So, in order to keep that pledge, I tell you that I am feeling more under the weather, with particularly a worse lack of appetite.  I do not know if it is a consequence of slow iron build up, or a reaction to a change in iron-reduction blood, or exhaustion, but for the first time I find myself cancelling my participation in meetings, and knowing that I need to protect my energy level more.

I am at Hopkins right now, getting the second of two units of blood, and feel quite a bit better already, so that is good news.  We will just try working through things.  my numbers are not showing any obvious decline, which is obviously encouraging.

So, this is not, repeat not, telling you not to be in touch.  It is me telling you not to take it personally if I am slower in getting back, or more protective in making commitments.

It means so much that I can be honest with my network.  You are all so much appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Not the Best Week, But Who Knows Why

  1. It’s always great to see what you are celebrating or lampooning in our Collington Discussion … you’re making a difference here every day! And I have another project in mind for the Collington website. I bet you’ll enjoy working that in, when your priorities and energy allow! Thanks for all you do!

  2. And it matters much to us, your friends at Collington, that you are willing to be so open with us about your health. Another side benefit is that you set an example for the rest of us of how we night handle similar situations when they arise in our lives, as they inevitably will. Please take care, as in fact your are.

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