A Bit Slower

In the lat few months, I find that I have slowed own a bit — or maybe just realized that I have slowed down.  A trip to the west coast, while wonderful, left me more tired than I had expected, and I find that I am more and more thinking that it is OK to let others take responsibility.

It may be that my body is slowly being impacted by disease progression, and/or iron build up.  We have a strategy to get my weight up, (now at 150 pounds) and then increase the dose of the iron chelation drug (Exjade).

But this is not a crisis, and I want to emphasize that I do NOT want to discourage people from reaching out to me for any reason.  I just may be a bit more self-protective.

Thanks as always for your support.


3 thoughts on “A Bit Slower

  1. Jim Greiner is correct –we should all be blessed if we were as impressive as you are even in a slowed-down mode ! Take care and indulge yourself. All my best –jan

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